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The aims and objectives for which the FFAAA is formed are as follows :-

To identify and locate all the alumni of the Faculty Of Fine Arts, The M. S. University of Baroda, from India and various part of the world.

To facilitate better workable links between the alumni for the various activities for the betterment of our Alma Mater.

To provide to the members an honest upfront workable permanent platform for the exchange of ideas, information’s, experiences and expertise in various fields of their respective profession.

To create a usable backing of information for the betterment of our Alma Mater, preferably online.

To organize discussions, lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations, audiovisual shows, etc. for achieving the objectives of the FFAAA.

To collect, process and distribute materials in printed and / or any other form to serve the sole purpose of this association.

To raise and establish a fund through subscriptions, admission fees, donations, exhibitions, cultural festivals and activities and by other available means and to disburse such funds for achieving aims and objectives of the FFAAA and for related expenditure of the association.

To provide actual vocational guidance from various experts in their respective fields to the aspiring young artists.

To interact with the students studying at the Alma mater and to encourage them to achieve higher standards of performance to enhance the prestige of Alma Mater.

To communicate, co-ordinate and co-operate with other similar organizations or allied associations for achieving common goals.

To pursue other relevant objectives as and when identified and adopted by the Governing body of the FFAAA.

To do all such things as are incidental, necessary advisable or conducive for the attainment of the aims objectives of the FFAAA.

Subject to change by guidline by advisory committee.